Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Greg Palmer

Last year my colleague at work sold his house with Elias. I kept hearing great things from him about Elias. I remember one time he was on the phone and they needed to sign papers and my friend couldn't leave work. After 15min I saw Elias show up at the office with the papers to review/sign. I thought to myself "Wow". Fast forward a year, I gave Elias a call to sell my house and buy something bigger for our family and he did not disappoint. Sold our house over asking!

By: Emilia Ko

I remember the first time I met Elias was the first time I bought my first condo. I managed to land on his website while researching Realtors. That evening I gave him a call with my dad, he answered all our questions and made us feel comfortable. We went out that week and I found my condo. Since then, my dad bought an investment with him and my brother bought his first place. Would recommend him to anyone planning on moving. 5 Stars!

By: Filipe & Karen

We started our search in Mississauga. But anything we could afford was just too small in square footage for us. We were ready to leave the dream of owning something behind. One evening we were out looking at a place smaller then we hoped, when Elias mentioned that we should consider somewhere outside of the GTA. A few weeks later we ended up getting a 1200sqft townhouse in Whitby. Not only was this townhouse double the size of the places we were looking at but it was even under our budget. Highly recommend Elias, he is very knowledgeable.